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13. 07. 2018.

Author: Jelena L. Petković ???source???: UNS

Goranka Matic: Momir loved photography and Kosovo

Momir Stokuca loved photography. He loved Kosovo. Carried away by one of few free media in the early 90's, the weekly "Vreme" he decided to offer his photos to this magazine. He contacted Goranka Matic, an assistant professor and lecturer at the Department of Media and Communications and the Department of Digital Arts of the Faculty of Media and Communications, who at the time was the editor of photography in "Vreme".

- He sent me pictures, because he liked the weekly "Vreme". So we got in touch, and we talked on the phone. He would send me pictures from time to time, and then on one occasion he came to Belgrade, so we met. It was just before the war in Kosovo. It is clear that Momir Stokuca was a great fan of photography. He cultivated great love for Kosovo.

You could feel that from his photographs, for he recorded the life and treated the Albanians and Serbs equally. He did not make propaganda photos, he was a real in photographic documentation, a chronicler of his surroundings. In addition, he made classical news photos, he recorded from the events, so he took a photo of Slobodan Milosevic who was coming to Kosovo at that time - says for the Journalists Association of Serbia (UNS), Goranka Matic, who for 17 years was the photo editor of the weekly "Vreme".

She points out that Stokuca was excellent in photographic documentation of his Pristina.

- It was still an analogue photo then. He made them himself, he developed black and white photos and so he sent them. I saved them in my documentation - she said.

Thanks to this documentation, Goranka Matic symbolically took the works of Stokuca from oblivion and, decade and half, after they were made, she framed them and returned them to Kosovo. Today they are on the walls of the Patriarchate home of the Serbian Patriarchate of Pec.

- I scanned these black and white photographs, took them to the Serbian Patriarchate of Pec and put them in the Patriarchal home. It was at a time when my friend Jovan Culibrk, today the bishop of Pakrac, was the vicar bishop of the Patriarch of Serbia in the Serbian Patriarchate of Pec. I found out later that Momir was killed in his home in Pristina, said Goranka Matic.

Goranka Matic gladly responded to the UNS call to talk about her former associate Momir Stokuca. In the fight against oblivion, she we also provided us with the scanned photos of Momir Stokuca, published in the weekly Vreme, which can be seen on the Internet for the first time.





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