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About us

The Journalists’ Association of Serbia is the largest and the most significant association of professional journalists in Serbia and a full-fledged member of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ). UNS was established on 21 December 1881. Today, it has 3.000 active members.

The Association’s objectives include: promotion of Serbian journalism; - protection of free opinion and expression; - protection of journalists and interests of the profession; - strengthening of journalists’ solidarity and assistance to the colleagues under threat.

Since 1997, UNS has been organizing the school of journalism that is designed for the beginners who want to take up journalism. The school is organized twice a year and its duration is 4 months. The school of web journalism was set up in 2008, it is organized twice a year and lasts for two months. Since March 2013, this school has offered the distance learning program. The latest project is  the school of video journalism. This school was set up in 2012.  It is also organized twice a year and lasts for two and a half months.

UNS has a wide experience in organizing conferences, training workshops for journalists, round tables, seminars for UNDP, USAID/IREX, UNICEF, Serbian Press Council, Embassy of  Japan, Ministries of  the Republic of Serbia, sports federations etc.

A Newsletter is prepared and distributed three times a week for the purpose of updating the membership, the wider media and general public audiences about UNS activities, as well as developments in the Serbian, regional and international media sector.

In 2010, UNS inaugurated a modernized  Press Center in Knez Mihailova Street www.uns.org.rs/press-centar,  that is equipped with a  video beam, TV set, plasma monitors including in the hall (CD, MD, VCD,DVD). The Press Centre provides the following services:

- Organizing and managing press conferences and public events

- Inviting journalists via mailing lists from all printed, digital and online media (adapted to the client’s needs)

- Audio & Video recording of conferences

- Live streaming

- Simultaneous translation (2 booths for interpreters & equipment) upon request

- Providing professional support for public appearance

- Preparing and distributing event reports with photographs  via mailing list and through the Press Centre website

- DVD with recorded events

- Photographs from events

- Press clippings from events

UNS has several websites, the referential one www.uns.org.rs.  It is also engaged in and registered as a publisher.