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23. 10. 2012.

Global Voices конкурс за онлајн уредника

Global Voices тражи уредника за управљање онлајн садржајима грађанских медија и глобални развој недовољно заступљених заједница.

У наставку је текст конкурса на енглеском.

Заинтересовани кандидати могу послати своју радну биографију до 5. новембра 2012. године нa rising@globalvoicesonline.org

Global Voices seeks a Rising Voices Editor to produce and manage its online content flow related to citizen media development and outreach in global underrepresented communities. This content highlights innovative people, initiatives, and tools that are contributing towards promoting greater participation in the global digital space, especially through knowledge and skills sharing.

The editor will work with our growing community of volunteer authors to expand this content to be more representative of more regions and languages. Through the writing of regular blog posts and managing other online RV content, s/he will be instrumental in articulating the need for a greater diversity of voices and the work taking place to approach this ongoing goal.

The Rising Voices Editor will be responsible for the following:

  • Daily writing and editing of online content on the Rising Voices website
  • Recruiting, supporting and editing Rising Voices volunteer authors to produce online content related to RV's mission
  • Working with RV partner organizations to promote RV content through mass media, social media, and other public forums
  • Coordinating with the broader GV community, including working with GV Managing, Deputy, Regional, and Lingua Editors to ensure content is posted and translated as needed
  • Assisting with the management of RV's social media accounts, mailing list, and Delicious account.
  • Assisting with the management of a centralized compendium of guides, tutorials, and resources related to citizen media development and outreach, and writing and updating RV guides and tutorials as needed. Coordinate translation of guides into target languages

We seek a candidate with the following qualities:

  • Deep experience in citizen media development, training, and mentoring
  • Professional editing and writing in English
  • Strong familiarity with digital media technology, blogging, social media, and tools used to bring new voices into the global conversation
  • Ability to support and manage distributed, virtual communities
  • Initiative to engage in outreach and research to identify new topics to feature
  • Familiarity with open source software and open content communities
  • Ability to work independently and to produce results in a timely manner

To work effectively with our community, we would prefer that candidates:

  • Have experience living and working internationally, or have traveled extensively in the developing world
  • Are active bloggers or creators of online media
  • Are multilingual, with fluency in English and at least one other language
  • Have experience working in diverse, multicultural environments
  • Are strong communicators and facilitators
  • Are able to work independently, in a virtual environment

The Rising Voices Editor will report to the Rising Voices Director.

The ideal candidate must have a passionate commitment to the values and goals of Global Voices. S/he will be joining a well established core team who are dedicated to amplifying the voices of world. There is no geographic requirement associated with this position; Global Voices has no office or physical headquarters. Candidates must have access to broadband internet connectivity and be comfortable working in a wholly virtual environment. We strongly welcome candidates from outside North America and Western Europe, and encourage people currently working on the Global Voices project to apply.

The position is part-time, but should be treated as a freelance contract.

Interested candidates should send a CV and letter of interest explaining why you would be a good candidate for the job to “rising AT globalvoicesonline DOT org” by no later than November 5, 2012.




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