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14. 07. 2018.

Author: Jelena L. Petković ???source???: UNS

New Old Political Prostitutes

Momir Stokuća did notonly pursue photography. He also contemplated reviews and contributed comments on the events in Kosovo and Metohija.

While investigating the circumstances of his death as he was killed in his own apartment in the centre of Priština in September 1999, the Journalists’ Association of Serbia (JAS/UNS) managed to discover the articles Stokuća used to publish with the “Literary Magazine”.

We hereby enclose the excerpt from his article run in the “Literary Magazine” No. 803, published on the 01st of September 1990:

During the last year or two amongst a part of Serbian political cadre (aliter recentobedient ones to the secessionist-oriented local politics) in Kosovo and Metohija, a suitable national “costume-play” may be observed posing as an expression of the “awakened” national awareness among such individuals. It has become quite modern among those “to be a Serb” (this time with capital “S”), because establishment of full competences of Serbia over this part of its territory – for their personal selves – represents only a new set of arguments to subsequently ground the retention of their distinguished social positions. Besides, they see themselves as genuine political professionals who do not rack their brains with moral aspects of politics they serve, although they are indeed typical political prostitutes. On personal plan – it’s a philosophy of particularism, while per its objective performance such act is separatist-like as particularism poses there as merely single manifestation of global separatism of the Region.

Currently and in accordance with the actual political momentum, these recent exponents of the official separatoidic politics in the Region keep referring to nation (Serbhood), and not any longer to the working class as the “assignor” of political mandates, and accordingly they observe themselves intensively as national beings.

In the times of legalised secessionist aspirations of the Kosmet politics, its lieges had not felt deprived in any manner as Serbs. We could even state that back then they even belonged to the Kosmet nomenclature right because they could only pose as Serbs and Montenegrins for the needs and requirements of their positions. If they only had any national awareness, they wouldn’t have permitted to find themselves on the cadres’ lists. As pursuant to the relevant criterion of  the “national key” it is necessary to provide nominal Serbian participation at each level, this category of political cadre turned out to be ideally applicable according to the criterion of the regional power centres – as they are Serbs (Montenegrins) only in the modality and up to the extent of expression where such declaration secures survival on the lists of cadres.

Momir Stokuća

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